Mission and Values

Foundation, Our Mission - We exist to inspire all dreamers to make a conscious and ethical impact in the world.  We're here to inspire the dreamers who purchase the products we sell to think consciously about their shopping choices. We hope to inspire the dreamers who create the products we sell to use ethically sourced materials and practices that protect and preserve the world around them.

Images of artisans from Indonesia making handicrafts ina safe and clean work environment. They use fair trade principles to create beautiful handmade products.

Guiding Light, Our Values - Connection, seek connection and community not to fit in - but to learn from, Cruelty-Free respect and dignity for all living things including humans, animals, and plants, Education educating customer one open and honest relationship at a time, Empowerment, everyone deserves the chance to have and fulfill a dream, hopefully more than one, Patience change doesn't have to happen overnight, but it does that's ok too, Sustainability impact and ethics are buzzwords - they are the building block to a better world

Looking Forward, Our Vision - One day, all goods will do good.   One day, every purchase will be ethical.   One day, conscious consumerism  will define consumption.