Covid-19 and what that means for us. During this time of uncertainty, we first and foremost wish wellbeing and health for all. The COVID-19 virus has ultimately affected everyone in some form or another. What seems like a bad dream in the night, the reality is there is a new normal - hopefully a temporary one. The ripple effect of this - none of which we were prepared for, has undoubtedly caused anxiety and uncertainty for the future.    We are honestly taking it pretty rough since we are predominantly an experience and event based business. At the same time, this distance has provided a chance for us to step back and b r e a t h e. We're taking stock of our blessings and finding new ways to focus on what we value. However, what this means for us right now is that all of our events have either been rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled.   We are so excited to finally have our site and online shop open and will continue to add new products. Be sure to check back here and keep the convo going on Instagram. Remember, it's ok to feel how you feel. Tomorrow is another day and all good things take time. We're here if you need us.

Hey, can I come in? Of course! This is a common question we get asked at events. Markets, pop ups, and festivals are the foundation of our business model. Since we are shop on wheels we can go anywhere, anytime. In fact, it's our goal to do so. Our passion for traveling and seeing what this amazing world has to offer is one of the threads that keeps this dream alive. So we love it when you come in! See you on the road.

Images of an airstream renovated into a shop that sells ethically sourced good.

Types of Events, Markets, popups, and festivals - Know about an event? Hosting an event? Own a business and you'd like to partner together for an event?  Get in touch. Trailer or Truck Party - Like to party? (Who doesn't?) Want the Dream Stream Shop at your house? Is getting perks for partying your jam? Get in touch. Thoughtful Tuesdays and Thursdays - Work for or manage a nonprofit? Fundraising for your favorite cause or charity? Trying to make the world a better place?  Get in touch.