Goods Doing Good

Dream Stream Shop   is an ethical goods mobile shop in a vintage Airstream trailer inspiring customers to think consciously about their spending habits. Our handmade collection is curated from brands that align with our values and focuses on providing opportunities for artisans, so they can achieve their dreams of a better life.   We carry cruelty-free goods including apparel, bath + beauty, food + drinks, home decor, jewelry, paper goods, and personal accessories that have a social, environmental, and economic impact empowering others to make a positive change in the world.

How it Started, Our Story - Our story began in April 2017, but look further back you'll find deeper roots. Our founder, Amy Chadick started her career in the fair trade, ethical goods marketplace in 2010. She spent the next 7 years working for a fair trade nonprofit organization in Richmond, VA and ultimately found her way to Denver, CO. Heartbroken when the Denver location closed shop, Amy decided to think big (well, actually small) and kept the dream going. Combining her retail experience and passion to make the world a better place, Dream Stream Shop was born.

Images of artisans from Bali, Indonesia

Dive in a little, what sets us apart - We use our values as a roadmap inspiring customers to be conscious consumers, looking at how that affects the global ripple. By creatively positioning our brand to meet the customer where they are, we have the unique opportunity to cast the widest net. Our mobile shop sparks interest and intrigue, touching on people’s desire to have and be part of an experience. The products we sell provide dignifying opportunities for artisans, fair & livable wages & good working conditions.  Our method is small but mighty and we truly believe that achieving dreams one purchase at a time is possible.

Together We Thrive, Stylish Sustainability - Sustainability lasts and so does our commitment to treasure all traditions. We celebrate every craft and culture. It's our dream to protect and preserve skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Changemaker Champion - It's imperative that we be mindful of the world around us. We all call Earth home and we believe that a clean home is a happy home. By championing cruelty free practices, we're working to minimize our carbon and environmental footprint. Transparent Truth - A mantra we hold near and true is to have one open and honest relationship at a time. When we communicate with transparency no one is left in the dark. We speak with sincerity so the world can shine a little brighter.